How to Turn Enable/Disable and Use Commenting on Items in SharePoint Online Lists

Yunus Emre Araç
3 min readJun 28, 2023


Hello friends, today I will talk about how to turn off and on the feature of commenting on the items in the custom lists on sharepoint online.

As you can see above, this feature comes on when you create a list on sharepoint online.

Here, when you select the item and in the above section, the comment feature comes and when you click it, if the comment is made as a right popup, both the comments and the commenting screen will come.

In this section, you can see the comments and manage them if you have the authority.

As you can see above, we can both label and come up with a modern design.

As you can see above, if a comment has been made, the comment icon in the item turns into color while it is gray.

If you want to turn off this feature, I will show you 2 methods for this. One of them is in the sharepoint list, we go to the list setting by clicking the “List settings” from the setting icon on the top right.

In the Settings section, we enter the “Advanced settings” option in the “General Settings” section.

You can turn this feature off or re-enable it later under the “Comments” heading here.

Another method is to use the “Microsoft 365 CLI” commands that I have explained in my previous articles.

m365 spo list set --webUrl --title yunus emre araç --disableCommenting false

You can turn these features on or off with the above command.

In the above command line, instead of, you are typing the sharepoint site address where you will use the feature. We write the name of the list where you will activate the feature in the part that says “yunus emre araç”. If you want to activate where it says “false”, it is enough to leave it as “true” and if you want to turn it off, it is enough to leave it as “false”.

As you can see, if you turn this feature off, all the icons related to the comment will be gone and will not be visible.

As an additional note, if you turn off the comment feature in a list and turn it back on, the previously made comments will come back.



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