SharePoint Default Dialog Popup “Refused to connect” Error and Solution

Yunus Emre Araç
2 min readJun 12, 2023


Hello friends, today I will talk about an error and its solution that you can get on the default screen on the sharepoint side or on the dialog screens that open as a popup on the admin screens.

In SharePoint management screens, the “Dialog” popup that opens on the screen can sometimes give an error as above in processes such as adding a new list, authorization control, etc.

When you open F12 in your browser, it gives an error as above on the console side.

To solve this error, we need to go to our SharePoint servers and do the following operations one by one.

We open the “Internet Information Services (IIS)” application and click on our own site under “Sites” on the left. In the menu that comes up, we click on the “HTTP Response Headers” under the “IIS” group heading.

We delete the definitions named “X-Content-Type-Options” and “X-Frame-Options” from the settings here.

When you make the above changes for the iis on each server, your problem will be fixed and your dialog windows will open.



Yunus Emre Araç

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