Uploading a Meeting Background Image for the Company in Microsoft 365 Teams

Yunus Emre Araç
4 min readDec 25, 2023

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Hello friends, today I will show you how to manage the meeting background images in the Microsoft 365 Teams application and how you can add new ones to these images throughout the company.

If you are a corporate company, you may want to have your employees use creative background images that are specific to your company and reflect your company as background images in company meetings.

When you click on the three dot symbol in the upper right corner when you enter the Teams meeting, click on the “Background effects” option in the popup menu. A full-size popup will open on the right and the images available in the system will appear.

By choosing one of the images here, you can see how it will look on the buttons without using the image by clicking “Preview” or you can start using the existing image by clicking “Apply”.

Any additions we make at this stage will appear in the gallery in this section for all users.

To do this, we first log in by going to https://admin.teams.microsoft.com, which is the Microsoft 365 Teams admin address.

Here, we enter the meeting policies by clicking on the “Meeting policies” option under the “Meetings” heading in the left menu on the screen that appears.

On the “Meetings policies” screen that opens, we go to the management page of meeting images by clicking the “Customize meeting images” button at the top right.

Some of the features in this section are features that can be used with a premium account, but we can activate the “Custom backgrounds” feature under the “Custom meeting backgrounds” heading at the bottom.

When you activate this feature, there will be a “+Add” link button right below where you can add images.

A full-size popup will open on the right side, where you can upload your images.

The description under the title here states that a maximum of 50 images will be uploaded and that these images can be viewed by users with “Teams Premium” or “Teams Advanced Communications” licenses, depending on the order in which they are uploaded.

Under the add button, it is written that the images that can be uploaded here can be in “JPG” or “PNG” format and their size should not be smaller than “360x360px” and not larger than “3840x2160px”.

Here, by pressing the “Add” button, we upload the images in the order we want, in accordance with the rules we want, and after the upload is completed, we can close the loading screen with the “Close” button at the bottom.

In the last stage, as you can see above, the images we added under the section where we activated the feature will be listed with resolution information, thumbnail image and name information. Here you can add or delete your selections.

After completing your updates and additions, you must complete the changes you have made by pressing the “Save” button. After this process, these images will appear in the teams meeting gallery, which is displayed first in the entire company.

As you can see, it arrived in my gallery in the order I added it, and the image I chose was uploaded as the background image.

With this method, you can upload background images specific to your company and make them available to all your employees.



Yunus Emre Araç

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