Yammer Integration in SharePoint Online Modern Site and Classic Site Structures and Microsoft Yammer General Features

Yunus Emre Araç
5 min readMay 3, 2023

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Hello friends, today I will talk about how to integrate the Yammer application, a product developed by Microsoft and currently offered as a Microsoft 365 product, into the Modern and Classic site structures on SharePoint online, another Microsoft 365 product.

As you know, Yammer is an in-house social networking platform developed by Microsoft. This service, which previously had ten prem versions and is now completely online, does not look for social media applications that exist with many features today.

Today, social media and interaction have become indispensable for all users, and it is of great importance to increase the interaction of internal employees, especially with the adoption of remote and home office-style working models after the pandemic. Of course, in addition to data security, which has become the biggest problem of companies in this regard, social network communication platforms specific only to the institution and even to the teams are becoming a great need.

In general, it provides a good application service that will eliminate the lack of communication and belonging due to the sensitivity of many companies to prevent access to social media sites in terms of both KVKK and data security and not sharing about the company there.

If you have defined a yammer license for your users in the Microsoft 365 licensing section, all your employees can log in to their own yammer address via https://web.yammer.com/.

In this section, of course, users can share posts on their own pages, see other users’ profiles, follow, follow and share something on their pages. Competencies in this section offer the same features as other social media sites. In addition, they can use features such as survey, thank you, asking questions.

As you can see above, you can share any type of post you want on the sharing screen and add others to your posts as attachments, links, gifs, etc. It also offers customization possibilities by making additions.

At the same time, it comes with extra features such as commenting on your posts by other people, liking and sharing. As I said, all of today’s popular social media features are available.

In addition, closed or open interaction groups can be created for teams and groups.

Depending on the admin authority, you can create and manage these groups very quickly and simply, as seen above.

Now, in this section, if you have both an internal yammer account and a portal on sharepoint online, you can offer your users the ability to use the portal on this side without going to the yammer site. In this way, instead of directing users to many different sites, you will also provide the convenience of communicating with many sites over a single address.

Now, in this section, I will show you how to run your Yammer application, profile or private group in a sharepoint environment as Single Sign On (SSO).

If you are using the “Modern Site” theme as the sharepoint online site theme, sharepoint already provides you with an integration application as a spfx module in this section.

When you click on adding an application in the modern site structure and search by typing “Yammer” in the search section, you will see 2 applications for this.

When you add one of them, it will be enough to complete your customization and publish your page by selecting the source and display template you want to show in the features section that will appear as a right popup.

As you can see, my page is ready by making an attempt with the user who is logged in on the sharepoint online side as if it were on the yammer site, and I completed my integration within minutes.

If you have a sharepoint online site with a “Classic Site” theme, not “Modern Site”, it gives you the chance to prepare embed code on the yammer side, which of course you can use for a modern site.

For this, we come to any community site and click on the “Embed community feed” option on the three dots on the right.

In the popup section that will be opened with this option, it generates a basic structure embed code for this group. If you want to customize it like in the SPFx module, it says “Further customize the feed here.” You can go to the embed customization screen by clicking the link in the article.

In addition, you can directly access this page via https://web.yammer.com/embed/widget.

In this section, you can get your embed code for the screen where you see your customization on the right with the “Get code” button by making the necessary customizations.

You can easily add this embed code to the page you want using a “Script Editor” webpart and complete your integration in minutes.

As you can see, you can do this by keeping the internal communication strong, providing your employees with a nice social sharing platform and providing this easily from your existing portal system.



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